Friday, February 17, 2012

Application of Bax Normilasation in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalization' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"

A. In brief, paraphrase the changes which Bax suggested and the means proposed of achieving normalizations.
When I read the article of "CALL—past, present and future ", I found it talked about the history of CALL and what it has been and where and the phases of CALL that Warschauerdiscussed. Also, a critical examination and reassessment of the history of CALLSince CALL was invented, technology was developing continuously in our lives because of its importance in teaching and learning. CALL was divided into three phases which are "behaviouristic", "communicative" and "integrative''.
Stephen Bax suggests changes and means proposed of achieving normalization. First, he requires using computer in classroom practice and in the syllabuses to facilitate and improve learning. Second, there should be training programs that can help teachers and students to use computer in a correct way. Finally, he requires fuller integration into administrative procedures and syllabuses. In order to achieve normalization, CALL should be invisible. In conclusion, if we take our aim to be normalization, and then work for ways of achieving it efficiently, computers can finally achieve their proper place and true potential in the classroom.

B. Explain how these changes and means could be applied to our Saudi context
I think it will not be easy process, but if we compare the education system in Saudi Arabia between now and before six or seven years, we will find a lot of changes. I believe we are able to include technology in our education since we have all the factors and materials to make such a technological educational environment because we have a good idea about technology.    So, I think it will not be difficult to achieve normalization, but first we have to do many changes in the education systems. First of all, computers should be use in classroom context as tools to improve learning. Second, teach students how to use communication web sites like face book and twitter to communicate with the teacher. Finally, provide schools and universities with good and useful tools such as projector, smart board and laptop. However, I think Saudi Arabia has a lot of abilities and achievements which can develop our education in a short time.


  1. Absolutely we can develop our education in a short time but,if we work on this together as a community sharing the same goal.

  2. dear Hind,
    you'd be surprised that till now I have friends and family member who don't see the point on using technology to gain more knowledge so we really have to start from this point, showing people how useful technology can be in classrooms or anywhere else.

  3. Hi Hind ^_^

    Yes It will not be difficult to achieve normalization, but I think we will reach that if we use technology from the begining.

  4. Dear Hind,
    congratulation for your new baby blog! I hope it will grow soon:-)

    You are 100% right! It is not very difficult to reach Bax'x "normalisation" in Saudi Arabia, but it really needs to go through many phases and settings of the required infrastructure. This could take years, or even more, but,eventually, it will take place. People and teachers' ideas will change gradually. Remember, no one now is "dialing" a number, but they are still very skeptical, as Roaa wrote below. Good suggestion you have here.
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    Keep the good work up!
    Dr. Hala