Saturday, March 31, 2012

Websites Evaluation

We found this website for learning English to a foreign language students EFL.
The accessibility and usability of this website was excellent. The text size and style was good and easy to read and using colors was excellent, it was very clear for kids and very attractive. The text and links were good and well organized. The page and graphics were excellent and load quickly. The graphics also very good, it fits with the theme and purpose of the page. The links were good and easy to read. The links good and clearly state what page or site they lead to and they were good when clicked, the links worked correctly. Wonderful things from this site that there was a space for chats and give opinions and this site also supports different languages such as Arabic, Chinese,,etc.

Also we found this website. It's for teaching and learning language as a second language.
It includes activities and quizzes for ESL learners, it was very easy to access and the links were very clear. What we didn't like about it was the style and the colors used in the site were very pale, there was no creativity at all, learners will not find it interesting or attractive. Also, in some pages the font was very small and it will be difficult for learner to read. We found in some quizzes (it was MCQ) that the learner should write the correct answer instead of just clicking it, we didn't like it. In summary, the contents were good but the way it has been presented was very boring. 


  1. Thanks sweetie for these websites. the first one is so appealing for kids it will be very helpful. I will defiantly show it to my young brothers cause they are interested in learning English.

  2. I found the first website very intresting to kids and attractive as you said.